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Stuff4uand4u is a long-time online seller of vintage costume jewelry and flatware.  We truly care about each customer that comes our way and will always go that extra mile to satisfy their needs.

We have Jewelry!



Selling on eBay since 2005, our company has risen to over 20,000 quality customer feedback and routinely maintain Top Rated Seller Status. Our desire to please each specific customer speaks for itself!


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We have Flatware!


So what exactly do we sell?  We technically sell lots of Stuff, but we specialize in vintage costume jewelry and flatware, specializing in Givenchy Jewelry  and Judith Jack Jewelry.   We hold years of knowledge on these particular items, and we offer a great selection of  quality items.  Whether it is in the description of the item or the way we package it, we incorporate quality and care with each order that comes our way.  Every item is inspected and treated with a gentle touch as we expect the best from ourselves.  We hope to pass on nothing but excellence to our dear customers.


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Jewelry for the Evening?

Helping you Create YOUR Style!


Stuff4uand4u loves to share styling and crafting ideas for flatware and jewelry; it is our passion!   Whether it is a chunky vintage necklace or flatware transformed into a bracelet, we have many ideas of what to put with what.  Unique jewelry and flatware captures a bygone era and marks a memory in each piece.

Beautiful jewelry pieces of the past can be worn now to accentuate your own personal style.  They look great to wear at the office or to an elegant dinner party.  For those who may have inherited their great-grandmother’s flatware collection and think that it may be a bit outdated, this is a perfect solution to honor her memory – Wear It or Live It!

We love creating “sets” with Polyvore!      Want to envision how a necklace would look with a specific dress?     Check out Stuff4uand4u on Polyvore!

Styling with Flatware!


Can flatware by styled?   You bet!   Craft projects to be made from flatware are as endless as the number of patterns.   Jewelry made from vintage silverplate flatware (silverware or cutlery)  include necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

Could there be more “stuff” made from silverplate flatware?   You Bet!  Clocks, coffee cup handles, garden markers, and wall hooks are just some of the many items styled from flatware.    Other items include:  spoon chandeliers (Spoondeliers), wind chimes, wine tags,  business card holders, lamps, wreaths, and buttons.

The number of craft projects is only limited by our imagination.  It just takes a little bit of creativity but you can take something that is functional and create something fashionable out of it.

Styling with Jewelry!

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Is it accurate to say that you are contemplating on what to wear to that next gathering?  What necklace goes with that shirt?   How many bracelets and which ones can I wear together? What is steampunk?   What is Cosplay? Should I wear the Gothic look to the party?

Stuff4uand4u loves to blog about the latest trends in jewelry and loves to share ideas about what is best for  the must-go-to party.   Sharing the passion for pink to celebrate life during October, or sharing the latest styles for the college student; Stuff4uand4u loves to blog about trends and jewelry styles.

Vintage jewelry never goes out of style.  It has a classic and regal appeal to it!

Visit the Stuff4uand4u Ebay Store for a great selection of Jewelry and Flatware and  Create YOUR Style!



Have a request on how to Style?      Leave us a note in the comments and we’ll give it our best!


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A little about us . . We are a small business located in Fort Smith, Arkansas.      The business was born in 2005 when seeking comic books for our then 12 year old son.      As a stay-at-home Mom, I began to sell Stuff from around the house, primarily athletic shoes from our growing boys  (also had a then 14 year old son).      From selling shoes, we began thrifting, then attending auctions, always seeking to find that one special area in which we could specialize.

Over time, we found we were drawn to  vintage silverplate flatware and vintage costume jewelry, and thus focused our business in those two areas.   Although we still sell a little “Stuff”, our real passion is to find treasures of silver and gold, accurately clean and identify, and deliver with care to our customer.

We hope you come sit a spell with us and Create YOUR Style!

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