The History of Judith Jack Jewelry


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The Start

Judith and her husband Jack Rosenberg created the company Judith Jack in 1969 when they realized there was very little marcasite estate jewelry available.  They had been selling antique pieces, and they could not keep up with the demand for this beautiful victorian-inspired jewelry from their buyers.    Exquisite style and quality made Judith Jack the leading marcasite fashion jewelry brand, leading Judith to be named the queen of marcasite in the U.S.

The Jewelry


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Judith Jack jewelry is generally made of Sterling silver with Marcasites, just like these cute earrings.  The jewelry is crafted with marcasite pieces, faux pearls, and sunray crystals hand set in sterling silver and hand polished.  Some designs manufactured are replicas of antique styles with sterling silver base metal. Marcasite, when cut with a flat bottom and many facets, shines like a small diamond.  Her jewelry lines include earrings, pins, pendants, rings, charms and bracelets in Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and retro styles.  Some of the jewelry made is limited in quantity and prices are quite high.  Judith Jack jewelry is marked with a “double JJ in a triangle”.




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As the premier marcasite brand, Judith Jack provides unique, fine quality pieces for aficionados and collectors.  Today, the brand continues to honor its legacy while also offering modern selections.  Judith Jack’s signature pieces feature marcasites and elements of contemporary and vintage styling, as well as infusions of semi-precious color, to offer truly unique designs. 

Her “Reflection” line of costume jewelry was sold on QVC, the Television shopping network and other jewelry js sold at fine department stores to include Nordstrom, Marshall Fields, Von Maur, Lord & Taylor, and Bloomingdale’s nationwide, women’s speciality stores and jewelry stores in the U.S. and internationally.



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  1. These history lessons are so great. I am sending this to a friend who creates jewelry. She will love the inspiration!

  2. Great info. I do remember Judith Jacks jewelry from the 80’s when I wore a lot of marcasite. Now, I’m more into golden tones.

  3. I love the background you share about this jewelry. I’m going to share with my relatives who I know like this style.


    Thank you! I appreciate you!

  5. Enjoyed the history. Loved the photos! Cheers, Adaire Palmer

  6. I do love marcasite and think it is the perfect medium to recreate antique designs. Thanks for the scoop on Judith Jack

  7. I never realized she got started in the late 60s. Thank you for sharing her history!

  8. Never heard of jj jewelry but those earrings are super cute!

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