The Charm of Charm Bracelets


For the love of Charms!


Charms are small trinkets that can be attached to a bracelet or necklace to create a unique piece  of jewelry.  Why do we collect charms?  The places we go or want to go?   The things we have done or want to do?  To celebrate successes?  Perhaps we collect charms for all of those reasons.   And maybe the charms “connect us” to friends or family in a special way.

One of the most fun things about charm bracelets is that no two are alike.  Over time, the bracelet can tell the story of your life.


Gold or Silver or Neither?


When you get a “Starter Chain”, this sets the stage for your charm bracelet.   “Real Gold” or platinum is nice, but does make adding charms much more costly.   Sterling silver is pretty, and you can find lots of sterling charms.   Base metal also works.   They all make lovely bracelets; just have to put some thought into which is best for you.

One also needs to consider that friends and family love gifting charms, so will need to think about this when picking your starter chain.


A Charm Necklace?




Have you ever been just a little frustrated wearing a charm bracelet as the charms clanged about and caught on this or on that?   Do you have a special charm  bracelet you would love to wear more?    Consider transforming the bracelet into a charm necklace.    By adding a chain to each end, you have created a wonderful necklace.   If done in a certain way, can be a long necklace, short necklace, or once again be a bracelet.



Charmed by the Charmed Bracelet


A charm bracelet can be an excellent conversation starter.   Males and females alike will be mesmerized as you tell little tales of each charm.  What stories would your bracelet tell?

We have a fun selection  of Charms in our store; one just might complete one of your tales!   And best of all, charm bracelets never go out of style!








  1. I just love charm bracelets! I really want one, but I always get lost looking at them as to what to put on it 🙂 So I look and don’t buy. I need to change that!


      Fun to get a starter chain, and then add charms. Fun to look at each charm as it tells the story of your life.

  2. I have a silver charm bracelet that is full of wonderful charm ‘memories’ from all over the world. I’ve had it since when I was a kid and each charm tells a story from a different part of my life. Such a treasure.


      What a wonderful treasure you have! With you wonderful writing, I would love to hear each charm come to life.

  3. What a great idea to wear charms on a necklace! When I was a little girl I found charms to be so fun. Great idea for my granddaughter!


      The necklace is beyond awesome! I love wearing the charms of my life. What fun to start a bracelet for your granddaughter!

  4. I had a charm bracelet when I was a kid. I wonder if I still have it? I’ll have to see if I can find it.

  5. I used to wear charms a lot but not so much anymore. However, they are fun to wear. Maybe I just need to find the right ones for me now. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  6. I had a charm bracelet when I was younger..goldtone base metal. And I collected charms from every trip I made. Lots of fun. I like the idea of turning this into a necklace


      Oh, you could create a killer charm necklace; you could make a killer centerpiece, which is what makes the necklace.

  7. Have always loved charm bracelets 🙂 Great post!!

  8. I love the charm braclets and thy are so popular. Great Post!nThank You.

    Lori English

  9. I love charm bracelets. I wore one as a kid and about a year ago started wearing them again. I love collecting charms that tell the story of my life:-) I go with a silver base; even though I prefer gold and platinum. Thanks for the TERRIFIC idea to wear charm bracelets as a necklace. I never thought of that!

  10. Seems like a great idea to tell stories about your charms. 🙂

  11. I never got into wearing charm bracelets because any bracelet would bother me when I was on the keyboard. But, the idea of a charm necklace is something I can try. Thank’s for mentioning it.

  12. Love charm bracelet. My favorite is a turtle. It is supposed to be lucky. One time I had one which had live, love and laugh.

  13. I love charm bracelets, and these look exquisite. I currently do not wear them since I am often on my PC, and it disturbs me from working, but I do rock them over the weekends.

  14. Charmed bracelets are now a huge trend and you’re right, they are great conversation starters because most of them people choose the charms with a specific meaning to them.

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